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Tom Herman’s new walk out music for Maryland game confirmed

Baaaaaaaah dah buh dah, buh bop buh dah, buh bop duh DAH! Buh BOP duh DAH! Buh BOP (boom) BOP (boom) da duh da DA

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Ohio State’s latest ham-handed attempts at diversion are as hilarious as they are transparent. Diversion from little gems like this:

Part of the Buckeyes’ current scandal that has left coach Urban Meyer suspended for the first three games of the season includes four members of the athletic department, including the boss, athletic director Gene Smith, completely ignoring an open-records request for Meyer’s emails and text messages that, by law, are public record. They didn’t care.

It continues with a discussion between Meyer and a staffer about how to delete text messages from Meyer’s phone that were over a year old. When investigators eventually got said phone, there were no text messages more than a year old. Perhaps it was a coincidence.

There are also text messages between Meyer and his agent the day after Meyer was initially suspended that featured the agent telling Meyer he was sending two women over to Meyer’s home (“Laura and Colleen”) and “they anticipate that they will need 4 hours with your phone.”

Four hours to do what? Maybe they wanted to play Fortnite on it.

Right now even SEC fans are shaking their heads at Ohio State. ”Football ain’t that important, y’all. Get a grip.”

Still, the central issue here despite Urban Meyer’s serial lying, bizarrely sanctimonious press conference “apology”, and repeated covering for an alleged serial abuser on his staff, is that Tom Herman once went to a Miami strip club with some local high school coaches and famed Midwestern pervert Zach Smith.


My world is shaken today.


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