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Halftime: Maryland- 24, Texas- 22

A furious Texas 2nd quarter rally down 17 on the road means we now have a game after the Horns started in an inexcusable coaching/preparation slumber. What does the second half hold?

Texas v Maryland Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

What a wild first half of emotional swings.

  • Todd Orlando’s defense has been thoroughly out-schemed and out-prepared. The second half should offer an opportunity to get unscrewed. Bad penalties, foolish play and lack of recognition
  • The offense started laboriously, totaling under 50 yards in the 1st quarter
  • Sam Ehlinger has found his stride with tempo and routes that favor his preferences (he’s not a outside numbers guy - did you read Thinking Texas Football?)
  • Tre Watson and Keaontay Ingram are our RBs. No debate

Texas needs an inspired second half of football to get the road win. A loss is a shattered blow to this staff’s credibility. A win means confidence that this group can rally out of a tough spot.

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