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Maryland- 34, Texas- 29.

Out-coached & unprepared, Texas Football stumbles in another season opener.

Texas v Maryland Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The game went down to the final moments, but an unbelievable three consecutive Longhorn 4th quarter turnovers to end the contest, which included two extremely ill-advised Sam Ehlinger interceptions and a Tre Watson (non) fumble, took the eraser off of the pencil for a Texas Longhorn team that scribbled haphazardly all over an opening day test for three quarters and a rain delay, but somehow still had multiple chances to win late.

The suggestion of a pencil may be kind. A lot of today’s writing was in crayon. Once again, Texas was badly out-coached, outplayed and showed up unprepared in their season opener under this new regime.

The season is far from over and Texas has the capacity to dramatically improve their level of play with the simple teaching of basic football skills and player buy-in, but the delusional disconnect from reality that permeates this staff has been unmasked in consecutive openers. As has a level of preparation and game-planning that suggests a real lack of self-scouting.

Tom Herman has a credibility problem right now. He’s the only one who can fix it. He should start with revisiting how he’s currently running the program in every phase.

Texas didn’t lose because of a questionable fumble reversal. Texas lost because - on this day - Maryland interim head coach Matt Canada could take “his his’n and beat your’n and your’n and beat his’n.”

Unfortunately, that’s less a commentary on the job Canada did than the job the Texas staff didn’t.