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College Football Week 2: Who Watched What

TV ratings for Week 2 were average & for the Big - 12 Good Luck in Finding Any Ratings

BYU v Texas Photo by Erich Schlegel/Getty Images

Week two of the college football season didn’t offer much in the way of attractive match ups and the TV ratings reflected that.

ESPN drew 4.5 million viewers for its Clemson-A&M primetime match — and that was as good as it got for any network.

As for the Big 12...all ten teams were in action. Four out of the ten teams (40% for you math majors) were playing on networks that actually care about how many people are watching and were included in the Nielsen Ratings.

The rest were on regional networks or live streaming where ratings are not available.

Study the results below.

They are a work of art.

They are the Mona Lisa of crappy TV Contracts

A Review of the Big12

Friday September 7th

TCU at SMU ESPN2 1.1 million


UCLA at OU Fox 2.9 million

Iowa State at Iowa Fox 2.0 million

Mississippi State at Kansas State ESPN 1.8 million

Kansas at Central Michigan ESPN3 Who Knows/Who Cares?

Lamar at Texas Tech FSNet Who Knows/Who Cares?

Youngstown State at W. Virginia AT&TNet Who Knows/Who Cares?

Baylor at UTSU CBSNet/Facebook Who Knows/Who Cares?

South Alabama at Oklahoma St. FSNet Who Knows/Who Cares?

Tulsa at Texas LHN Who Knows/Who Cares?

The TV contracts pay good money to Big 12 programs The TV contracts give crappy coverage to Big 12 programs

Results for some of the more interesting games in Week 2

Saturday September 8th

Clemson at Texas A&M ESPN 4.5 million

Georgia at South Carolina CBS 3.7 million

Colorado at Nebraska ABC 3.4 million

Penn State at Pitt ABC 3.3 million

Arizona at Houston ABC 2.5 million

Ball State at Notre Dame NBC 2.4 million

Michigan St. at Arizona St ESPN 2.3 million

USC at Stanford Fox 2.3 million