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USC didn’t lose to Texas in ‘06 Rose Bowl National Title Game

Just check their media guide.

2006 ESPY Awards - Show Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

USC lists their all-time record against Texas as 5-0. Texas lists their all-time record against USC as 1-5.

West Coast Aggy.

The USC media guides explains why they list their all-time record against Texas as 5-0.

“Why does USC list a 5-0 record against Texas even though it lost to the Longhorns in the 2006 Rose Bowl (BCS Championship Game)? After all, Texas lists its record against USC as 1-5. Due to an NCAA penalty, USC was required by the NCAA to vacate its appearance in that Rose Bowl...and therefore the loss had to be vacated by the Trojans. However, Texas was not required to vacate its victory. That is the protocol for vacated games, per the NCAA, and it is how both teams’ record is reflected in the Official NCAA Football Record Book. So, yes, USC lost the game, but it can’t list it that way in its records, per the NCAA.”

Except that when the NCAA forced USC on probation for their hijinks, they stated all Trojan wins would be vacated. Wins. Not games. By USC’s logic, a vacated loss means the Texas game never happened.

Ergo, Texas is not the 2005 College Football National Champion. This is really going to mar Vince Young’s legacy.