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Todd Orlando Press Conference

Tulsa v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Have to like how Todd Orlando handles his business at press conferences. Very straightforward. No defensiveness at all.

  • Acknowledges need to use DEs differently to get better pressure
  • Need to solidify run game defense and get a team into obvious passing situations. That will help the DEs after the QB
  • Practice emphasized situational defense - something we’ve been pretty awful on in the first two games
  • USC QB JT Daniels has a big arm. He will be a “special, special” player
  • Roach will be used more as a pass rusher
  • BJ Foster doing well in Joker role. Impressed with him and Caden Sterns. They take football very seriously
  • LB play has to get better
  • Jalen Green is a work in progress. Needs to show consistency in practice