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Tom Herman gets the Finger

And it’s not a thumbs up.

Miami Heat v Dallas Mavericks - Game Three Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Tom Herman’s honeymoon with the traditional media is over. Paywall free

SA Express News columnist Mike Finger (who is one of the good ones) offered his own digit for consideration after a Tom Herman Maryland postgame press conference whose tone and demeanor struck him dissonant from the events on the field.

I don’t think it was a thumbs up.


I don’t think Herman should break down into postgame tears and beg for forgiveness from any and all, but Texas fans (particularly the 35,000+ strong who traveled to Landover to support the Longhorns and turned the game into a neutral stadium at worst) need to see some self-reflection and some indication that Herman understands that the things that brought him success on smaller stages aren’t sufficient on the big one.

Every Texas coach learns this the hard way. The question is how quick the uptake.