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Longhorn injury report: Brandon Jones, Zach Shackelford out, Patrick Hudson treated for heat illness

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Texas John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports

Safety Brandon Jones, who played well against Maryland, will miss the Tulsa game with an ankle injury. That means we’ll potentially pair true freshman on the back end in Caden Sterns and BJ Foster. Tulsa likes deep shot play action. Should be interesting.

Center Zach Shackleford will also miss the Tulsa game.

That means an OL of:






In scarier news, big Patrick Hudson was brought to the hospital after experiencing cramps and an elevated body temperature. The Texas trainers immediately took his vitals and put him in an ice bath and he recovered. He’ll be out this week.

Davante Davis and Kris Boyd are expected to play against Tulsa despite being hobbled against Maryland.