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College Football Week 2: Where to Watch

The desperate fans guide to TV games

ESPN College GameDay Built by The Home Depot - Times Square Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images


Last weeks results and this weeks slate.


After the abomination that was Texas vs. Maryland, there isn’t much to make you do your happy dance around the living room this week, but here goes.

Week 2 2018 (all times central)

Big 12

Friday September 7th

TCU at SMU ESPN2 7:00 PM

Saturday September 8th

Mississippi State at Kansas State ESPN 11:00 AM

UCLA at OU Fox 12:00 PM

Kansas at Central Michigan ESPN3 2:30 PM

Lamar at Texas Tech FSNet 3:00 PM

Iowa State at Iowa Fox 4:00 PM

Youngstown State at W. Virginia AT&TNet 5:00 PM

Baylor at UTSA CBSNet/Facebook 6:00 PM

South Alabama at Oklahoma St. FSNet 6:00 PM

Tulsa at Texas LHN 7:00 PM

Study this schedule.

It is a work of art.

It is the Mona Lisa of crappy TV Contracts

All ten teams are in action. Four out of the ten teams (40% for you math majors) are playing on networks that actually care about how many people are watching and will be included in the Nielsen Ratings.

The money is good, the coverage sucks.

Games of Interest (To Me)

Saturday September 8th

Ga. Tech at South Florida ABC (split nat) 11:00 AM

Arizona at Houston ABC (split nat) 11:00 AM

Duke at Northwestern ESPNU 11:00 AM

Colorado at Nebraska ABC 2:30 PM

Georgia at South Carolina CBS 2:30 PM

Clemson at Texas A&M ESPN 6:00 PM

Kentucky at Florida SECNet 6:30 PM

USC at Stanford Fox 7:30 PM

Cal at BYU ESPN2 9:15 PM

Michigan St. at Arizona St ESPN 9:45 PM

If you are jonesing for a late night game this sight can help you find Weber State vs. Cal Poly