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2020 Texas Longhorn Football commitment Hudson Card shows some traits at Elite 11

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TEXAS HOLD ‘EM POKER---03/07/05---A player peeks at their hand, the popularity of Texas Hold ‘Em Pok Photo by Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Elite 11 and all of the various QB eval camps can be overdone as they correlate poorly to the actual skills needed in a real college game, but it does allow you to see a few things.

The brief video of Texas Longhorn 2020 commitment Hudson Card shows one attribute that translates as well in shorts as it does in pads with a DL closing in on your legs: zip and velocity. You see it repeatedly on the tape. When he needs to get a ball in somewhere quickly, it pops off of his hand. It’s not surprising that Card also tested out highest among all of the campers on the radar gun.

Card also registered a 37.7 inch vertical - which is elite DB/WR level explosive and suggests innate genetic potential for quick twitch - as well an outstanding 4.06 short shuttle, which suggests change of direction and a QB’s ability to be elusive in the pocket. For comparisons sake, the slippery Johnny Manziel logged a 4.03 short shuttle at the NFL Combine.

Card’s 4.77 40 is definitely good enough and it may even get better as he adds strength to his frame.


If you’re a recruiting enthusiast, you’ll love the detailed 2019 class breakdown in Thinking Texas Football and the explanation for the recent sea change in out-of-state recruiting. And unlike the other previews out there, Bru McCoy won’t be found anywhere on the Texas two deep. :)


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