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Todd Orlando Fall Camp Press Conference: August 10th

Tomorrow’s scrimmage will be telling.

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TCU v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images
  1. Tomorrow’s scrimmage is clearly important for figuring out the best combinations in the Dirty Dime and nickel. I’ve written about this extensively as the best potential upside for this defense.
  2. Texas is working on a 8 DB sub package for 3rd and long.
  3. Cross training is happening all over the secondary. Creating depth and competition.
  4. Trying to find pass rushers.
  5. There’s a tradeoff between best players on the field slanted heavily towards DB talent and “losing too much mass” and getting knocked around.
  6. Bottom line: if you’re playmaker, we’ll find you a job.
  7. Adeoye is moving and looking better at Mike.
  8. Biggest concern? Depth late season.


We’re 3 weeks from kickoff. Get your reps in.