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Tim Beck Fall Camp Press Conference: August 10th

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Texas Spring Game Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images
  1. Keaontay Ingram is bigger, faster, stronger.
  2. Brennan Eagles is a “freak of nature.” Texas is making a conscious decision to get its biggest, fastest WRs on the field. Horsepower approach. Clearly want more big plays in the passing game, but it’s equally as much about creating space in the running game and forcing defenses to cover an entire field.
  3. Georgia Tech grad transfer Parker Braun: “A true football player.” Attitude and mentality are awesome.
  4. Sam Ehlinger is leaner, faster and thinking the position at the 2nd and 3rd levels.
  5. Casey Thompson has a done a good job at #2 QB.
  6. Cade Brewer has a good feel for TE and is having a solid Fall camp. Reese Leitao has gotten better. The young guys are all good athletes and tough.
  7. Jake Smith: “A pleasant surprise.”


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