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Fall Camp Update: Tom Herman scrimmage press conference August 11th

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Bob Denver In ‘Gilligan’s Island’ Photo by CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

If you’ve read the 2019 Thinking Texas Football season preview, you know I’m fairly optimistic about this Texas team and its potential. However, every time Tom Herman wears his Gilligan hat, I silently subtract .25 wins from our season total.

A beanie with a propeller would inspire more confidence.

  • Injuries: Ingram tweaked his knee and Sterns rolled his ankle. Will be further evaluated
  • No plans to move Jake Smith to RB from slot
  • “Got a bit chaotic when offense sped tempo.” My thoughts: The D was hurt by this last year. They need to find some base calls they’re comfortable in and Orlando needs to stop trying to get in a better coverage call as the ball is being snapped
  • Corners were up and down. Lost some 50/50 balls
  • “Cade Brewer is between 248-250 pounds.” So, like...249?
  • LB Caleb Johnson was clocked at 20.5 mph on a kickoff
  • One 3rd down package features Roach at nose, McCulloch & Ossai at end and 8 DBs. “Fun toy to have.”
  • Confident in 6 OL. But Imade, Moore and Jones are making progress
  • Freshman LB Marcus Tillman: “I love him. He’s going to play a lot of football here. It’s going to be fun to watch his development.”
  • Biggest concern? Youth on defense. Really talented but need to mature.

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