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2020 Texas Football Recruiting: Longhorns get Temple WR Quentin Johnston

One of my favorite recruits on the 2020 board is wearing Burnt Orange.

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JAN 01 Sugar Bowl - Texas v Georgia Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Longhorn run of recruiting domination continues, adding their 17th commitment for the 2020 class. The 2020 class is ranked #6 in the country, but on a per recruit basis, is currently ranked 2nd in overall quality, trailing only Clemson.

#17 is one of the best pure talents in the country in Temple WR Quentin Johnston. The Temple wide receiver goes 6-4, 180 but has a naturally big frame that will fill out to 200+ in short order. He has a massive wingspan and is both twitchy and fluid. Not a combination you always see in big receivers (it tends to be either/or) and that combo tends to mature very nicely under college S&C.

Johnston is a freak athlete (won the Texas recruits dunk contest, has high jumped just shy of 7 feet, run tracks) with better receiving instincts and game feel than the current conventional wisdom credits him with. There are a lot of attributes to love about Johnston - he’s an easy mover, destroys cushion with a terrific first step and get off, catches easily on the run and tracks the ball downfield with ease. He does a lot of things easily, which lulls viewers into thinking that he’s just exploiting a bad defensive back. Johnston’s athleticism is expressed in more than just conventional gross measures. It’s coordination, natural ball winning, fluidity on the move. It’s the kind of subtle stuff that makes AJ Green a NFL stud and it’s written all over Johnston’s game.

In that sense, Johnston is the enviable prospect who is simultaneously advanced but still has a lot of meat left on the bone to develop. If you guessed by now that I think QJ is a special athlete with a potentially game-breaking upside at the college level, then you would be correct.

Hook ‘em.


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