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2020 Texas Football Recruiting: Where Things Stand

A little need, a lot of cherry picking.

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The Texas staff has been on fire on the recruiting trail and secured 17 commitments for the 2020 class. That class is ranked 6th in the nation and trails only Clemson in per player quality (and Clemson is putting together an all-time class right now). The 2020 class is unlikely to reach the 25-27 prospects needed to secure a Top 3 or Top 5 finish, but the Top 10 is all but assured.

More crucially, the staff nailed their DL and OL board, finally landed a national level RB recruit, have four quality DBs, got a true B-Backer, and secured upside playmakers like WR Quentin Johnston and ATH Ja’Quinden Jackson. The infrastructure of the class is there. Now it’s time to cherry pick.


  1. The staff loves the 2021 prospect crop. That means they’ll hold down numbers in 2020.
  2. 2020 can largely cherry pick for their remaining 4-6 commitments.
  3. They won’t say no to any 2020 elites. And some currently committed elites have reached out to them. The bandwagon is real. That means they have to buy time on some good players who would commit tomorrow while they explore flips that may be higher on their board.


  1. They’d like to take a second running back to complement Bijan Robinson. That could be all- purpose back Ty Jordan, but see points #2 & #3 under considerations.
  2. They will take at least one more wide receiver. Possibly two. That recruitment will get interesting when Fall visits start and some currently committed new faces are introduced to the Longhorn recruiting board.
  3. There’s a hole at off ball LB that doesn’t have a clear answer, though Hullaby and Jackson could be LB converts down the road.
  4. They’ll take one more DL. Expect that to be Bastrop’s Alfred Collins. If so, Texas will pull off a clean sweep of the elite big body DL in state while landing an OOS complement in future 4i Van Fillinger. Big wins.
  5. They’ll probably take another DB. See point #2 under considerations. With the current class committed, do you take a developmental prospect you like (Joshua Eaton) or try to flip committed recruits like Jahari Rogers (Florida) and Lathan Ransom (Ohio State)?


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