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The Everyone Gets A Trophy Podcast with Paul Wadlington & Kevin Dunn

We have a podcast. Give it a listen.

FBL-WC-2022-THA-VIE Photo credit should read CHALINEE THIRASUPA/AFP/Getty Images

My pal Kevin Dunn and I started a podcast.

It’s called EVERYONE GETS A TROPHY because you’re all special and we’re all champions. I wanted it to be called The Paul Wadlington Podcast featuring Paul Wadlington (with Kevin), but Kevin is a vain egotist who makes everything about him and he overruled that.

In this first episode, we discuss naming our podcast, the perils of Boaty McBoatface, our review of La Tech, our impressions of primary Big 12 contenders OU, OSU and ISU. Then we segue into seeing our old ex girlfriends Charlie Strong and Mack Brown. Finally we talk the LSU Tigers and why Texas will win 63-10 and the state of Louisiana will wear ribbons of shame. Or we will lose. We’re not sure yet.

We’re waiting on uploads to iTunes and other formats, but you can listen on Anchor or Spotify immediately.

If you want to ask us questions (comedic or serious) to be addressed in future episodes, post away. If you want to advertise, hit me up as well.