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Charlie Strong


Texas-OU Recap: What Just Happened?!

Texas dominates OU in most traditional measures and still come up short.

Game Week: Strong's Monday Press Conference

It'ssss tiiiiiiiiiiiiime. In this corner - a large herbivore weighing 1400 pounds that can kill a grizzly but will eat sugar cubes out of a child's hand. And in this corner - an ill-tempered primary color. Let's get ready to rumble.

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Charlie Strong SI Article

The Longhorns no longer bus to practice. They walk there. And limp back.

Strong Announces Defensive Starters, Daje's Status

Coach Strong: What Will Be The Measure of Success

When the Charlie Strong Era begins later this month, history gives us an idea as to what measures it will take to be considered a success among other Texas coaches.

Featured Fanshot

Charlie Strong's History

Charlie's road to Texas.

The Misunderstood Shawn Watson

There are many opinions available about Shawn Watson. Many are lazy or stupid. Let's talk realistically about the bad, the good and the unknown.

Sunday Open Practice Observations

Leading Change

Strong's Future at Texas: The Pessimist's View

An excerpt from the 2014 Longhorn Football Prospectus: Thinking Texas Football

Strong's Future at Texas: The Optimist's View

Worrying about Charlie Strong is unnecessary. He's already made the right moves. The wheels are already in motion. The rest is inevitable. So enjoy the ride. Excerpted from the 2014 Longhorn Football Prospectus: Thinking Texas Football.

Coaching For Peanuts: Getting From Mack to Charlie

Getting from Mack Brown to Charlie Brown to Charlie Strong.

Key Takeaways From Strong's Fall Camp Presser

Charlie Strong broke it down and left some pearls.

2014 Horns Football Preview Available Everywhere!

Thinking Texas Football is now available through Apple. Also, some quick thoughts on recommendations.

Buy 2014 Thinking Texas Football Now!

It's baaacck. And better than last year. The definitive 2014 Texas and Big 12 preview is here. 166 pages for $9.99. Buy it now.

What The Hell Is Going On? Culture Change.

We shouldn't be surprised. He told us this back in January. Didn't he?

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Being Charlie Strong

Good stuff from

Big 12 Media Day Wrap Up

What we learned.

Charlie Strong's journey to head coach at Texas

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Bluiett's first workout report

Strong's Press Conference


Coaching Staff Set

Culture change at Texas

It's about to get real.

Strong Line? Wickline.

The Horns' "Dream Staff" may have the best O-line coach in the business.

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Strong Danger!

Meet Charlie Strong


This stream has:

Strong's Staff

Steve Patterson on LHN

Been a busy month.

Charlie Strong's replacement?!?

Yes. Really.

Charlie Strong Interview

It's always 4th and inches with this guy.

Vance Bedford Confirmed New Longhorn DC

Vance heading back to the 40.

Strong impressions