Daeshon Hall Decommits


If you're a Barking Carnival reader, you knew about this six weeks ago when we passed on some UW insider stuff back in early May. Back to the drawing board at DE.

Dan Wetzel's article on the BCS / Playoffs is great


The BCS finally has a stake driven through its heart, but the bowls and the big bucks still reign...

Swoopes, There It Is


Tyrone Swoopes wearing headband-cam at Rivals Camp. Shows a live arm and receives instruction that he should throw more like a 747 than a bazooka. The clips ends with Jake Raulerson crapping his pants from exertion and a tug of war rope severing another prospects leg.

I am shocked to hear Nebraska's Harvey Perlman is dissatisfied with the playoff solution


Could have knocked me over with a feather. Apparently, his eggs were also a little too runny at breakfast. Seriously, Nebraska, buck up.

Devil's Advocate: What Would've Been So Bad About A Plus-One Playoff?


Some fun morning reading from Jason Kirk at the mothership. The Miami Era is scary.

Tyrone Swoopes and Jake Raulerson were outfitted with miner hats that had cameras instead of...


Tyrone Swoopes and Jake Raulerson were outfitted with miner hats that had cameras instead of lights.

Greg Davis on Garrett Gilbert's Chances at SMU and what went wrong in Austin

4. Count former Texas offensive coordinator Greg Davis among those who think former Longhorn quarterback Garrett Gilbert will excel at SMU when he enrolls and becomes immediately eligible this fall. "I still think things will work out for him," said Davis, now the offensive coordinator at Iowa. "With the kind of young man he is and the hours he spends preparing, I still think it will turn out to be very positive for him." Davis thinks Gilbert failed to reach his potential at Texas in large part because he didn't have as strong a supporting cast around him as did Colt McCoy, and I'd agree with that. Speaking of Iowa, Davis notes that the Hawkeyes have had 18 players drafted by NFL teams the past three years with only Alabama (20) and Southern Cal (19) having more. Davis won't specifically recruit the state of Texas, but his influence could be big here because Iowa already has a commitment from Corsicana quarterback Nic Shimonek, a junior who threw for almost 3,000 yards and 37 touchdowns with only three interceptions. Shimonek told Hawk Central he was impressed with Davis, whom he called "a straight shooter." Oh my.