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Kansas State Wildcats @ Texas Longhorns 2013

Mack Brown & Irony

From Mack's post game celebration speech after the KSU win.

Is the Texas D ready for the Big 12?

What buttons are Greg Robinson pushing and why didn't Diaz mash them with his palm?

Concussion Repercussions

Watching the watchmen on David Ash's health after KSU.

Hicks lost for season with Achilles injury

The Longhorns leading LB is done in 2013, according to multiple reports.

Longhorn Football Reaction: Texas-31, KSU-21

The Horns show some pride in defeating a bad Wildcat team.

Shooting From the Hip - Texas 31, Kansas State 21

The Curse of the Purple Wizard is lifted at last.

Open Thread: Texas-KSU

If we can send Mack Brown on a season long Carnival cruise, we may have a chance...

Option football and Texas' defense

What is Texas doing to stop option plays and why does it work so badly?

The Texas Pregamer: Kansas State