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Ole Miss Rebels @ Texas Longhorns 2013

Durant's visit

He loved Austin and it would have been cool to do another year but he had to handle his business. And that's fair.

Ole Miss Post Mortem

Nickel Rover applies the scalpel to the rotting corpse of Texas' .500 record.

Mack Brown: Legacy and Inevitability

How Mack Brown deals with the inevitable will determine his legacy at Texas.

Texas-Ole Miss Game Thread

If we can stop Morgan Freeman from doing voice narration, we may have a chance.

What to expect from Ole Miss @ Texas

How bad could it be?

Texas vs. Ole Miss - What would Fred Akers do?

Watching the Mississippi game on TV? there is a website that will allow you to interact with former UT football coach Fred Akers while the game is being played. It's and you can send in questions via Twitter.

No Daje, No David vs Rebels

Is that bad?