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Texas Longhorns @ West Virginia Mountaineers 2013

How will Texas overcome losses of Gray & Whaley?

Some thoughts on how to address two unfortunate injuries.

Texas takes West Virginia to the dentist

An excruciating and ultimately enjoyable win in Morgantown.

Shooting From the Hip - Texas 47, West Virginia 40

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

GameThread: Horns @ Eers

Red Bulls all 'round.

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2013 Smoking Musket Podcast: Week 11

SmithFire13 and WVUIE97 are joined by Barking Carnival's nobis60 to preview the Texas game. Also, we review the TCU game along with the Fairmont State basketball scrimmage.

It's a Trap

You've come this far, don't trip up now.

Texas - West Virginia Preview

We'll search for Dana Holgersen's long-lost offensive genius by the light of a moonshine-soaked couch.

The Texas Pregamer: West Virginia