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Texas Longhorns Recruiting

2014 Texas Longhorns Recruiting Evaluations

Analyzing Herman’s 2018 Class

An exhaustive and detailed examination of the incoming Longhorns

Early Signing Period Comes To College Football

A Very, Merry Malikmas!

Did OU QB Commit Cameron Rising just flip to Texas?

Well, I guess so.

SB Nation’s Bud Elliott breaks down the Texas Longhorns’ recruiting class

Alright alright alright.

Talking Post 2017 National Signing Day

We’re #2 (in the Big 12)!

The BC Unplugged Podcast: Post-sabbatical Sundries

Todd Orlando and a new dawn!

Featured Fanshot

At Texas, Tom Herman could be nightmare for rival recruiters

"If you thought H-Town Takeover was big, just wait until Tom gets to Austin," a Big 12 assistant said. "It's going to be an entire state of Texas takeover. He's recruited at such a high level everywhere that he's been, so it's realistic to expect immediate success. You saw what he did at Houston without half the resources he will have at Texas. It's kind of scary to think how well he might do."
Oh my.

Time For A Lagaryonn Carson Backup Plan

The 2017 Dirty Dozen Texas Elite Recruits

Finding the right intersection of talent and fit.

Texas Lands 2017 CB Josh Thompson

Major Tennison Decommits From the Texas Longhorns

Saban strikes again.

2017 Texas Recruiting Targets Shine At The Opening

2016 Thinking Texas Football is coming

Excellence for $9.99.

Oklahoma Sooner Texas Recruiting Resurgent

For the first time in half a decade, the Sooners are doing work in Texas. Why?

Erick Fowler Listed on Roster

He wasn't there 48 hours ago.

Texas Waiting on Patrick Hudson: Will Decide Thursday

Urquidez to Texas


Duvernay, Bomaye!

It's official.

2016 Baylor Recruit Release Status

A decision could be coming as early as tomorrow. Baylor has put themselves in a tough spot.

Devin Duvernay's Speed

There's fast and there's FAST.

Featured Fanshot

Sam Ehlinger is heading to The Opening in Oregon

Elite 11.

2016 Texas Football Recruiting Class Evaluation: Defensive Back

2016 Texas Football Recruiting Class Eval: OL

2016 Texas Football Recruiting Class Evaluation: Wide Receiver

Let's begin.

National Signing Day Overview: The Big Picture

Texas closed out well. What about our peers? Let's look at the big trends.

National Signing Day 2016 - Texas Longhorns Football Update Thread

Knocking on the door of a Top 10 class.

Preparing For The Storm: 2016 Texas Football National Signing Day

Texas Lands Two Big 2017 Recruits

Ronnie 'Buck' Major heading to Austin


2016 Big 12 Recruiting Snapshot before Fall Camp

Featured Fanshot

Buck Major's Twitter seems positive

He cites Luis Buñuel and Darren Aronofsky among his influences. Hook 'em. Let's Ride (and block some people).