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Official Name "The Package" Contest Update

After extensive field research Barking Carnival staffers have determined that the devastating new offensive weapon being honed in closed practices does not, as previously reported, revolve around Colt McCoy wearing pimp robes and a tricorne. We apologize for any misunderstanding or inconvenience this caused.

Greg Davis Mack Brown Q Package

I also regret that after protracted internal infighting we have unable to reach consensus regarding a name for our devastating new offensive weapon, and have decided to open it up to you, the people.

We feel that, as part of our community, it's crucial that your voices are heard. This could very well be the slickest offensive innovation since the Brett Robin shovel shuffle dammit shuttle pass. Yes. There is some added pressure because it's quite possible that Mack will adopt whatever terminology we come up with here, but let us worry about that.

We also need your help, since HenryJames and Scipio keep clicking the SOUL MAN BACKFIELD and Death Blossom options repeatedly from different IP addresses.

The contest will close on Friday at beer-thirty. The winner will receive an iPhone that my son dropped and a free subscription to Barking Carnival. Thank you all.