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D-1A QB's with 30+ wins

When I noticed that Colt was moving into elite company with his 30th win, I became curious about College Football's QB's with the most wins. There's no established source for this that I'm aware of. The NCAA tried a brief experiment with including winningest QB's in their record book a few years back, but didn't get participation from all of the member schools and dropped it.

I put together this list with the help of the interweb, so I will not vouch for its accuracy (you're saying Wikipedia is NOT a citable source, professor?).

I began with the names of 166 QB's who shone in some way--they're in the NCAA record-book for career total offense, or passing, or they were in the college football hall of fame and their name looked familiar, something not true of many of the 121 QB's in the CFHOF: Harry "the Golden Greek" Agganis had previously escaped my notice, as had Angelo "Springfield Rifle" Bertelli, among others.

For obvious reasons, this group is logically heavily weighted towards modern era QB's:

1) Fewer games--Texas averaged about 8 per year from 1893-1917, 9 until 1939, 10 until 56, 11 until 74, 12 until 95, and this year we could hit 14.
2) There were fewer bowl games
3) Freshmen couldn't play varsity for some time until around 1970
4) Conference championship games are relatively new

Still, I put together what I could and would love to hear suggestions for missing names or help determining others. If the win totals are off at all, it's more likely they're too high than too low, as I sometimes just had to assume a player started all the games in a given season.

Wins Player Years Team
42 David Greene 2001-04 Georgia
39 Peyton Manning 1994-97 Tennessee
38 Ken Dorsey 1999-02 Miami (Fla)
37 Dan Marino 1979-82 Pittsburgh
37 Matt Leinart 2002-05 Southern California
37 Ty Detmer 1988-91 BYU
36 John Rauch 1945-48 Georgia
35 Chad Pennington 1997-99 Marshall
35 Chris Leak 2003-06 Florida
35 Chuck Ealey 1969-71 Toledo
35 Chuck Long 1982-85 Iowa
35 Donovan McNabb 1995-98 Syracuse
35 Eric Crouch 1998-01 Nebraska
35 Jay Barker 1991-94 Alabama
34 Casey Clausen 2000-03 Tennessee
34 Lance McIlhenny 1980-83 Southern Methodist
34 Philip Rivers 2000-03 North Carolina St
33 Chad Henne 2004-07 Michigan
33 Corey Pullig 1992-95 Texas A&M
33 Mark Herrmann 1977-80 Purdue
33 Tommie Frazier 1992-95 Nebraska
32 Chris Weinke 1997-00 Florida St
32 Danny White 1971-73 Arizona State
32 Danny Wuerffel 1993-96 Florida
32 Paul Pinegar 2002-05 Fresno St
32 Rodney Williams 1985-88 Clemson
32 Steve Davis 1973-75 Oklahoma
31 *Patrick White 2005-08 West Virginia
31 Timmy Chang 2000-04 Hawaii
30 *Colt McCoy 2006-08 Texas
30 Brooks Bollinger 2000-03 Wisconsin
30 Cade McNown 1995-98 UCLA
30 Doug Flutie 1981-84 Boston College
30 Jamelle Holieway 1985-88 Oklahoma
30 Vince Young 2003-05 Texas

Just to give you some names I already checked:

29 Sammy Baugh
28 Turner Gill
27 Jason White, Kordell Stewart
25 Brad Smith, Matt Ryan, Troy Smith
24 Drew Brees, Eli Manning, Ell Roberson, Robbie Bosco
23 Charlie Ward, Steve Spurrier, Troy Aikman
22 Archie Manning, Bob Griese, Jim Kelly, Jim Plunkett, Kerry Collins, Tee Martin
20 Fran Tarkenton, James Street, Joe Theismann
19 Terry Bradshaw, Andre Ware, Vinny Testaverde
18 Joe Montana
15 Davey O'Brien, John Elway
14 Roger Staubach
10 Paul Hornung