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Barking Carnival SB Nation BlogPoll Ballot: Week 11

My entries for Week 11.

Mike Zarrilli

Here's how I see it:


  • The Aggies jump 6 spots into the Top 10 after their big win in Tuscaloosa
  • Mike Gundy at Oklahoma State should battle Snyder for Big 12 Coach of the Year. OSU has been racked by injuries all year and just whipped West Virginia starting their 3rd string QB
  • Oregon and KSU are both #1 worthy, but I think Oregon can find more ways to beat you on offense
  • I'm really eager to watch USC @ UCLA this weekend. The Pac 12 is about to become a really fun league. What might have been...
  • More likely season spoiler? Texas @ KSU or USC @ home against Notre Dame?
  • If Texas ends up in the Cotton Bowl, our SEC competition - probably Alabama or LSU - will be very stout
  • Really unfortunate we had the program in rebuilding mode this year and were humiliated again by OU. As in 2010, there is no dominant college football team this year and there's a MNC ripe for stealin'. We're pissing away a lot of opportunity