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Texas is about to start a year round fan Octoberfest. Is it a good idea?

Bracketology: Longhorns a 5 seed

Texas Basketball #15 in AP Poll

Our Newest Longhorn & My Sabbatical

I welcomed a new son and some new priorities into the world.

Julien Lewis: Gone

Another Longhorns basketballer bites the dust.

Wiggins picks KU: What that means for the Big 12

Uber-prospect Andrew Wiggins committed to Kansas today. That's both bad and good for the Big 12.

Texas lands late 2013 hoops recruit from Detroit

Martez Walker from Detroit (MI) Pershing has committed to Texas.

Three Commits in Three Days: Mack is Back!

The third commitment in three days and 14th overall for the 2014 class is a big one for Texas. Take THAT, SEC. Is it fair to say we own you?


2014 LB Otaro Olaka Commits to the University of Texas Longhorns

A top JUCO lineman commits to Texas

Longhorns land a big fish in the 2013 class.

Finishing What Deadspin Started: A Te'o Timeline'o

All content herein has been triple fact-checked by our editorial staff, who just returned from South Bend, California, and Hawaii with answers. Can an Oprah interview be far away?

Chip Kelly's mating dance with the NFL has ended

Chip Kelly has led Oregon to 3 Pac 12 titles and 4 BCS Bowl appearances in his four seasons as head coach of the Ducks -- all the while flirting with the NFL just about every post-season. That flirtation has led to his taking the Philadelphia job.

DT Brandon Moore declares for NFL Draft

Manny Diaz will need to replace a key DT rotational cog next year.

Mike Davis Quoth Nirvana: "Nevermind"

The Longhorns wide receiver will return for his senior season after all.

Mike Davis is leaving for the NFL. Or is he?

In what you'd have to call a surprising turn of events, Mike Davis has declared for the 2013 NFL draft. It's a hit for the Longhorns' conference hopes next season, but is it the right move for Mike?

This stream has:

Latest news on Case McCoy & Jordan Hicks

Two Longhorns accused of sexual assualt

The 2012 Barking Carnival Holiday Gift Guide

Would you like a new head coach? We have the perfect gift! Comes with 1 national championship ring, 2 conference titles, 3 iPods of crunk tunes, 4 veteran PR assistants, and a $5 million contract. Get him now before it becomes $5.5 million next week!

Myck Kabongo suspension reduced to 23 games

The NCAA announced on Friday that it has reduced the suspension of Texas Longhorns sophomore guard Myck Kabongo to 23 games following an expedited appeal filed by the university on Thursday.

Myck Kabongo: What happens now?

The NCAA stays with that Christmas cheer.

Myck Kabongo to be suspended for season

The Texas guard will not see the court this season, according to a report.