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Texas Longhorns @ Texas Tech Red Raiders 2012

Texas vs Texas Tech Video Breakdowns

LonghornScott throws some graphics on film

Ahmad Brooks looks at the Horns' O vs. Texas Tech

Ahmad Brooks takes a look at the Longhorns offense vs. Texas Tech

Longhorns talk on OBTV

Revealing quotes from players and coaches.

The Football Is Good Again: Top 25 Recap

Handing out week 9 awards footballing virtue and shame to the top 25, from Cajun misfortune to the luck of the Irish.

The Texas Offense Goes Deep In Lubbock

Breaking own the Texas Longhorn offense.

The Texas D bends but won't break in Lubbock

The Texas defense plays a solid game in Lubbock against the Red Raider led by Carrington Byndom.

Sweet Victory on the Plains - Heroes of the Game

The men who made the win happen in Lubbock.

BC Game Day: Texas vs. Texas Tech

Your open thread.

Longhorn thoughts and Tech week

Reflections on what it means being a Texas Longhorn and preparing for Texas Tech.

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Two Tortillas and a Mackrophone

Friday Pregamer: Longhorns vs Red Raiders

Friday Pregamer: Texas Longhorns vs Texas Tech Red Raiders

Can the Longhorns Pull Out a Win in Lubbock?

Texas Tech's bull castrator cum laude, dedfischer, opines on the match up between the Red Raiders and Longhorns this Saturday.