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Aggies select basketball rival

And it's not Texas Tech. It's...




'We're talking about Baylor.'

Last night's game in Waco cemented the rivalry. And with all the shenanigans that occurred, how could it not?

Aggie Joseph Jones knocks Baylor player Tweety Carter to the floor with a pick with 1:53 left. Baylor's Mamadou Diene gets whistled for a technical for yelling at the Aggies in a language other than his native Wolof. Someone throws a rubber ball on the court with a minute left, Baylor and Aggie fans start arguing about who has better chain restaurants and then the Baylor crowd started shouting "An Aggie threw the ball." The game was finally called with 1.8 seconds left after Baylor fans started throwing plastic soda bottles on the court.

Here is the footage of the carnage:

So what happens now? Will Baylor fans boycott Freebirds? Will Aggie fans no longer take vacations to Waco to see the Dr Pepper Museum?

People who stopped reading at the Book of Revelations versus people who can turn even the smallest slight into a tradition.

I predict this will not end well. And are the Bears still comfortably on The Bubble?