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Scouting Report: Jai Lucas Texas Longhorns Basketball Commit

Now that Jai is officially a Horn, I made a phone call and talked to my friend to get a scouting report on Jai. Here are his thoughts:

Jai's a tough, tenacious player that won't back down from anybody big or small.

Better on ball defender than his brother. Better on ball defender than AJ Abrams.

Good creativity off the bounce. Will make plays for Texas when things break down.

Gets other people involved but can score the basketball better than most lead guards.

Can flat out shoot. Not quite the shooter his brother is but a better all around guard and scorer. Remember, his brother led a team to a final four.

Tremendous competitor that has already been through the wars of major college basketball. Can step right in and complement a talented team.

We'll get an interview with Jai sometime in the next couple days, so this is a good time to post your questions for the Houston star.

Welcome to Texas, Jai.