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Fire Mack Brown? Vegas Odds Favor It.

What the smart money says about foolish coaching.

Bob Levey

Prominent Las Vegas sportsbook Bovada has set odds on Mack Brown's departure from Texas.

The proposition bet is pretty straightforward:

SPECIALS - Will Mack Brown be the Head Coach of Texas for Game 1 of the 2013 Regular Season?

Yes EVEN (1/1)

No -140 (5/7)

Prop bets are usually sucker bets and Vegas is exploiting a snapshot zeitgeist amongst the Longhorn faithful, but these aren't 6 to 1 odds either. If you bet that he's gone by Game 1, 2013, you only win $7.13 if you bet $10.

So Bovada is setting the mathematical/wagering discourse with an underlying assumption that Mack Brown is fired or resigns.

Brown may have Bellmont's propaganda machine and the assurances of key alums he's courted for well over a decade, but there's a prevailing wind from the common Texas fan I haven't sensed since 1997.

And they're feeling that breeze in the desert.