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Realignment Rumor Central: Georgia Tech to Big 10?

The internet is all atwitter with the rumor that Georgia Tech wants in the Big 10 -- and that they will get an invitation. That's at least the story on Friday, but don't worry new rumors are just around the corner.


OK so apparently Jim Delany is tired of waiting. Not satisfied with poaching Rutgers and Maryland, the Big 10 supposedly is taking in Georgia Tech.

That's what's burning up the bandwith today, but who knows. Everybody is saying that somebody connected with Ohio State says it is a done deal. They point out that Georgia Tech is in a large media market (Atlanta) and is an excellent academic institution (AAU member). It has an solid athletic program and is a better addition than Rutgers or Maryland.

On the other hand...there is that small matter of the $50 million buyout they need to settle with the ACC -- and they just signed off on the lawsuit to make Maryland pay full freight to leave the league. And if they are #15, who is #16? They have to have a partner so the Big 10 can be the first Super-Duper Conference.

Virginia? Nope. North Carolina? No. Maybe Connecticut or Cincinnati from the Big East.

Just another wildfire internet rumor I suppose.

All I know is that if you think this season has been a pain in the ass, just wait until the off-season.