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2014 Texas Longhorns Recruiting Evaluations

2014 Texas Recruiting: Offensive Line

The Longhorns have three projects - but with Joe Wickline coaching them, that's a good word.

2014 Texas Recruiting: QB, TE

Rounding out the final pieces of the 2014 class.

2014 Texas Recruiting: DL

Poona Ford and Derick Roberson headline a a four man class.

2014 Texas Recruiting - LBs

2014 Texas Recruiting Class - RBs

Will Donald Catalon be needed as a freshman?

2014 Texas Recruiting Class - DBs

The Longhorns failed to land any of the state's DB elite, but they did land three interesting long term developmental prospects.

2014 Texas Recruiting Class - WRs

The Longhorns signed five. Can the Strong regime develop them into difference makers?

2014 DT Poona Ford, Breaking the Bell Curve

Why Ford is the most intriguing prospect in the 2014 class.