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2014 Texas Longhorns Recruiting Class: Running Back - Donald Catalon, D'onta Foreman, Kevin Shorter

Donald Catalon
Aldine Eisenhower
5-11, 190

Catalon is a highly skilled all-purpose back with outstanding quickness and natural running instincts.

He is an elite receiver out of the backfield, capable of turning a swing pass into long gain, transforming a check down into a new set of downs, or creating an easy score in space motioned out against a linebacker.  Donald catches the ball like a receiver and is a major asset on that basis alone.

As a runner, Catalon can make multiple sharp cuts without breaking forward momentum, evades tacklers in tight spaces with great feet and body control, and runs with burst and evasiveness.  He doesn't have a particularly physical running style and won't always maximize shorter runs - preferring to break it back against the grain or bounce it out outside seeking a big play.  There are also legitimate questions about his durability.

In a spread offense, Catalon is a significant asset.  He is not a bell cow, high-volume RB.  His optimal use is in a backfield job share where he can be featured creatively in the passing and running game - slashing on outside zone, counters and draws, catching balls in the flat and creating mismatches in space against linebackers.


D'onta Foreman
Texas City
6-0, 205

The brother of wide receiver Armanti, D'onta Foreman has gaudy high school rushing statistics (averaged 10 yards per carry as a senior, 54 total TDs in his career) and a highlight tape that features countless untouched runs through gaping holes against hapless opponents being flattened by the Texas City OL.  While unquestionably effective, he runs upright, doesn't make sharp cuts and isn't a particularly sophisticated runner.  Are these things innate or can they respond to Tommie Robison's coaching?  It's difficult to assess much about him beyond the fact that he has a big frame that can carry more weight, he can run, is FBS scholarship worthy at some level and might project to a few different positions ranging from FB to even DE.

Strictly evaluating him as a HB, I don't see Foreman as a likely starter or major contributor for Texas.  His best chance for a longer term contribution will likely come at an other position forty pounds heavier.


Kevin Shorter
6-0, 185

Shorter is one of the most intriguing members of the 2014 recruiting class for his versatility, overall athleticism and my sense that he had just begun to scratch the surface of his athletic ability.  Unfortunately, Shorter sustained a serious spinal injury in his senior year that will force a medical redshirt and may prevent him from playing football ever again.  Texas chose to honor his scholarship and Shorter's status will be re-evaluated in a year.