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The Major is Movin' On

Arranged marriages usually don't end well and this break up is best for all parties.

Thanks for your service, Major.
Thanks for your service, Major.
According to a source close to his family, Texas Offensive Coordinator Major Applewhite has accepted a one-year severance package and won't be returning to Texas next season. This shouldn't come as a surprise and since Greg Robinson was always a short term hire we now have both coordinator positions vacated.

It only makes the "Come to Texas for $8 mil / yr and hand pick your own staff" offer that much harder to refuse if we're swinging for the fences here.

So who is your dream HC / OC / DC trio?

Might as well start guessing because it's all going down in the next week.

Whoever correctly predicts all three positions shall be named Texas Football Insider of 2014 in a ceremony to be broadcasted on Longhorn Network, hosted by Mack Brown, first reported by Inside Texas.