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Texas-Texas Tech: Turkey Day TV Leftovers

The Texas-Texas Tech game was the highest rated sports event on cable TV on Thanksgiving - which was the equivalent of being voted hippest attendee at a Star Wars Convention.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Tech's 49-45 win over Texas on Thanksgiving night kept an audience of 1.35 million viewers enthralled to the end.

That audience was the most-watched sports show on cable on Thanksgiving -- and about 1/20th of the viewers tuned in to the Green Bay-Chicago NFL game on NBC at the same time.

The NFL's conquest of Thanksgiving is complete and unavoidable. Even ESPN has given up. The only other college game that night was South Florida vs. Central Florida which drew a whopping 388,000 viewers.

Meanwhile the NFL kicked off their triple-header with 25 million tuning in to the Detroit Lions destruction of the Philadelphia Eagles, followed by the Carolina-Cowboy contest that averaged 32.5 million viewers, the largest audience for any NFL game this season and was just under what the Ohio State-Oregon National Championship game averaged last year (33.4 million).

Next year Texas will play TCU on Thanksgiving and Texas A&M will insist that their home game with LSU also be on Turkey Night. It's a silly fight between a couple who broke up and then desperately show up at old haunts with their new beau just to piss each other off.

Actually it's not silly.

It's pathetic.