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The Big 12 Conference Championship Game

The latest thinking is no CCG.

The latest from the conference of singular champions is we likely won't have a Big 12 Conference championship game next year, which would obviously pit to two teams who had already played, possibly just a week or two earlier. Earlier it looked like we would add the game. Now, not so much.

While I do agree that a rematch may seem sort of goofy, in last year's case, I would have loved to see TCU get a shot at Baylor on a neutral field. They lost a Wendell Barnhouseburner in Waco and as I recall, suffering some pretty questionable calls from the notorious Big 12 refs.

A week or so ago, Bill C put up a long piece on the danger of CCGs. Texas beats Nebraska. Colorado beats Texas. Texas A&M beats K State.

I actually like the everybody plays everybody thing. Should that be enough to crown one true champion?

It seems outside of Waco Art Briles is really nobody's favorite.

What say you all?