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OU President David Boren Thinks The Big 12 Should Be Mathematically Correct

So OU would like to add two teams to the Big 12, but guess what they consider the "Elephant in the Room"

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Those who thought that everyone in the Big 12 felt just fine about being at 10 members, think again. Oklahoma President David Boren spoke out Wednesday on his wish to add two more members sometime in the near future.

Boren believes that the long-term life of the league depends on expanding.

"How many years can this go on?" Boren said. "Finally, it just gets to be really debilitating. I worry about that. That's something I just worry about long-term about the conference, not short term."

Boren didn't exactly say what he sees as the main stumbling block, but, well, you can figure it out for yourselves.

"The elephant in the room remains the network south of us that has struggled and has in a way as long as it's there," Boren said. "And we have done quite well with our network and if anything ever changed, it has value to it which we see. But someday, maybe we'll get past that other problem as well. It's a problem."

What he really means is that Oklahoma has watched it's hated rival pick up an extra 10-15 million a year for its own network, its former Big 8 mates reap the rewards of conference network networks elsewhere. Watching Nebraska (Big 10 Network), Missouri (SEC Network), and even lowly Colorado (Pac-12 Network) pick up millions for their third tier rights has to put a burr under the Sooners saddle, and with the conference meetings being held this summer this is as good a time as any to bring the subject up again.