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Vote On Texas Football's Perfect Combination

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Freshman QB Jerrod Heard has opened up the Longhorn offense and revealed a number of Longhorn WRs who can provide an explosive play or a clutch catch.


- Daje Johnson leads the unit with 11 catches for 190 yards.

- Freshman John Burt has 6 grabs for 182 yards.

- Sophomore Armanti Foreman has 6 catches for 113 yards.

The season is still young.  And each player has a pretty good story to tell as to why they'll lead the team in receiving yardage.  With Jay Norvell calling the shots, there's little doubt that downfield opportunities and the screen game will abound.

Who will be the Longhorns leading receiver at year end?

Who will be the peanut butter to Heard's chocolate and form a Perfect Combination?