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Notre Dame @ Texas game moved to Sunday night

Big time spotlight.

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Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

From Bellmont:

In an effort to maximize the national reach, the date has changed for the 2016 matchup of two of college football's all-time victory leaders. Texas (No. 3/886 wins) and Notre Dame (No. 2/892 wins) will now meet on Sunday, Sept. 4, in Austin. The game has been moved from its originally scheduled date of Saturday, Sept. 3, and will be an exclusive Sunday highlight of the Labor Day weekend. Though the game time will be an evening kickoff, the official time and broadcast entity have not yet been confirmed.

Man, Charlie ain't skeered.

Texas is pre-season ESPN FPI'd at #29. Notre Dame is #15.

That's going to be a huge game. Can't wait.