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Texas Longhorns 2016 projected S&P+ ranking is Top...35

Math is hard.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Using play-by-play data from the past five years, recent recruiting rankings, and a measure of production from returning players, Bill Connelly has projected the S&P+ rankings for all 128 FBS teams. Your Texas Longhorns come in at 34.

I was told there would be no math. Is this witchcraft?

This S&P+ was a pretty accurate measure of relative strength last year. Picks based on S&P+ picked against the spread correctly better than 52% in the 2015 regular season. Connelly's straight-up picks accurately chose the winner in 644 of the 829 FBS games in 2015 (77.68%).

Our opponents go like so:

Notre Dame - 11

UTEP - 126

Cal - 49

Ok State - 23

OU - 4

Iowa State - 71

Kansas State - 67

Baylor - 13

Texas Tech - 43

West Virginia - 33

Kansas - 112

TCU - 31