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Happy Memorial Day

Thanks to all who've served and all who sacrificed.

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Happy Memorial Day, Longhorn fans!

Hopefully you're getting the chance to enjoy some warm weather, cold drinks and the company of friends and family wherever you're choosing to enjoy the holiday.  And hopefully you'll also spare a moment or two in reflection and thanks towards the United States servicemen and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  It's something that we all realize that we should do on days like today, but I for one have been plenty guilty of letting the day slip past with a little less reflection than is warranted.

Fortunately, Longhorn fans get a bonus opportunity to offer thanks to those who sacrificed for us every time that we set foot in DKR.

The hallowed ground of the Longhorns was dedicated in 1924 by Athletic Director Theo Bellmont and the Texas student body to the almost 200,000 Texans who fought - and the 5,280 who died - in World War I.  The stadium was re-dedicated upon its expansion in 1948 to include veterans of the Second World War, and received another re-dedication in 1977 to honor all Longhorn alumni in all foreign wars.

Here's a great piece from Bill Little on the trio of former Longhorn football players who were immortalized on the original "Doughboy" statue plaque after losing their lives in World War I.

If you'd like to learn more about Jack Chevigny, the former Notre Dame gridiron star and Longhorn head coach who lost his life at Iwo Jima, ESPN did a nice article on his legacy.

My own grandfather, Bob Atchley, was a medical corpsman who was serving at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.  He was fortunate enough to survive that battle and the remainder of his service in the Second World War, and I've always been tremendously proud of his courage and commitment to our country.

If any of you have any stories of service and sacrifice that you'd like to share - be they yours or those of your family, fiends and loved ones - feel free to do so in the comments.

Hook 'em, and God Bless America.