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Final Battle for The Belt: Brandon Jones, Naashon Hughes, Tristan Nickelson

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The final battle for the belts featured the previous winners going at it for the final title.  This was a taxing event. Those guys looked ready to puke.

The winners

Lightweights: Brandon Jones

Middleweights: Naashon Hughes

Heavyweights: Tristan Nickelson

Since the wildcard of hitting a crossbar with a football pretty much determined two of the events, it's hard to compare a spade to a spade, but there's no doubt that Tristan Nickelson consistently dominated the heavyweight division like a prime Mike Tyson.  Five belts in six weeks by my count.  He's a worker and long levers help.  If he can get his feet right and learn to play without extending, the Nickelson Project just might become the Nickelson Reality.

We all knew Naashon Hughes is a good all-around athlete.  Now we need to see explosiveness around the edge and more strength at the point of attack.  If he can't make more plays, I'd rather start Omenihu and Cottrell together. Beck and Swoopes carry 250 well.

Is it good news when a true freshman wins these events?  Depends on your perspective, I guess.  It's clear to me that Jones has added 15 pounds of good weight since his senior year of high school.  Evans is a genetic freak among freaks and if the coaches don't have him race Duvernay in full pads, they're just not fun.  If his health holds up, we've got four viable cornerbacks (Hill, Davis, Boyd, Evans). That's a huge asset against our schedule.

Offseason S&C and the competitions are over.  Time for real football.