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2018 CFB: Most-Watched Games at Mid-Season

See if you can spot a trend among the Top 12 games

Ohio State v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

#6 Texas gets to play on the big stage this weekend when it travels to Stillwater to take on Oklahoma State. The game will be in prime time on ABC and a quick look at the dozen games that have garnered at least 5 million viewers this season tells you that is the place to play.

Most Watched College Football Games

Game Viewers Time Net

Ohio St. @ Penn St. 9.1 million 6:30 pm ABC

Ohio State vs. TCU 7.2 million 7:00 pm ABC

Michigan @ Notre Dame 7.1 million 6:30 pm NBC

Miami vs. LSU 6.5 million 6:30 pm ABC

Ohio State @ Purdue 6.3 million 6:30 pm ABC

Wisconsin @ Michigan 6.0 million 6:30 pm ABC

LSU @ Auburn 5.9 million 2:30 pm CBS

Va. Tech @ Florida St. 5.8 million 7:00 pm ESPN

Texas A&M @ Alabama 5.7 million 2:30 pm CBS

Texas vs. Oklahoma 5.6 million 11:00 am Fox

Georgia @ LSU 5.5 million 2:30 pm CBS

Washington vs. Auburn 5.3 million 2:30 pm ABC

As expected games involving the SEC and the Big 10 dominate the ratings. Only three Big 12 teams appear on the list. TCU’s game against Ohio State and of course the Texas-OU contest. That should tell you all you need to know about the depth of regard for the league among casual college football fans.

Here are the Longhorns ratings up to this weekend.

Texas Games

Texas @ Maryland 1.3 million 11:00 am FS1

USC @ Texas 2.9 million 7:00 pm Fox

TCU @ Texas 2.9 million 3:30 pm Fox

Texas @ Kansas State 974k 2:30 pm FS1

Texas-OU 5.6 million* 11:00 AM Fox* top game of the week

Baylor @ Texas 1.8 million 2:30 pm ESPN

I wouldn’t expect the Texas-OU game to move off the 11:00 AM slot any time soon. When both teams are good that is a slot it will dominate in the ratings. The game will rotate between Fox and ABC/ESPN and neither wants to dilute the match up by going against the SEC at 2:30, and there is no real movement to move it to prime time among the participants.

The only real competition for eyeballs when the Horns and ‘Pokes are on ABC will be the Notre Dame-Navy contest on CBS.