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The Big 12 title game scenarios have narrowed considerably

Iowa State v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Breckyn Hager’s dream of a haircut no longer feels quite so impossible.

An OSU win over WVU in Stillwater has narrowed the options in the Big 12 race to a pretty easy calculus for Texas.

If Texas beats Kansas on Friday, they’re in. Then they wait to play the winner of OU-West Virginia in Morgantown. That game will be played Friday evening, a few hours after the conclusion of our own, so I think there will be more than a few Longhorn eyeballs on it.

I expect a defensive struggle played in the teens in that game. Field position and the kicking game will rule the day!

Seriously, OU is currently a slight road favorite. I prefer to play the Mountaineers in Dallas for myriad reasons, but avoiding Kyler Murray on turf is one of the most notable. But bring on whoever.

If Texas is upset by Kansas in Lawrence, then the Longhorns....should fire the entire program into the eye of the sun because I no longer care about tie-breaking scenarios.