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Texas Is In the Tourney, Now Decide Their Fate

NCAA Basketball: Big 12 Conference Tournament-Texas Tech v Texas Amy Kontras-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Longhorns have made it to the NCAA Tournament, thanks in large part to them winning enough games to qualify.


Texas will face the Nevada Nevadans....Nevadians....Nevadarians...somebody on Friday with a tip time of about 3:30 PM CT on TBS. The game will hopefully be called by somebody other than Reggie Miller. More to the point, Texas is back in the tournament after a one-year absence. We can go back and forth about the Nevada matchup or how big of an achievement this is for the program later, but the really important story here is that Barking Carnival is putting up a bracket challenge again. Invites have gone out to the people who were in the bracket challenge two years ago, but if you want to join here’s the link:

https://www.pornhu-wait, sorry, wrong tab. that’s not it either.

Password is CanShakaCoach. I left off a question mark at the end because the only thing more mysterious than a question is the implication of a question. There are levels here.

Take a moment to celebrate Texas returning to the dance, then when you’re done with that make sure to pick them losing in the first round or making it to the Final Four because there’s really no in between here.