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Baylor Bears @ Texas Longhorns 2012

Aggregation of content of the 2012 match up.

Breaking Bad, Breaking Better - Baylor (Defense)

A picture is worth a thousand words...not that I need help being wordy.

Ole! The Texas endzone awaits!

Handing out weekly awards of footballing shame and virtue through week 8 in Big 12 play.

A Titanic Collapse

Creating a defensive disaster in five easy steps.

Mack Brown: L'etat c'est moi

Mack Brown is like Santa Claus. He's going to divide the fans between naughty and nice.

56 points. 0 turnovers. Winning the Harsin way

56-50. The Longhorn offense carries the day.

Breaking down another defensive breakdown.

Texas gives up 50 in the win.

BC Gameday: Texas vs. Baylor.

Texas vs. Baylor.

Moving on to Baylor: Nothing a few claps can't fix

Mack Brown has asked the team to move on, to not let a loss to OU beat us twice. He's digging deeper, working hard to FIX THIS (for the fourth time). So we don't get embarrassed again. He's leaving negativity behind. Are YOU in his circle of trust?

Scouting the Baylor Bears

Scouting the Baylor Bears.

Picks ATS featuring Baylor @ Texas.

Bearing with it.

The Week That Will Be (10.20.2012)

Whether Mack Brown knows it or not, it was the end of an era on Saturday.

Manny Diaz surveys OU wreckage, surveils the Bears

Manny Diaz surveys the Texas OU wreckage and surveils the Baylor Bears.