At Texas, Tom Herman could be nightmare for rival recruiters


"If you thought H-Town Takeover was big, just wait until Tom gets to Austin," a Big 12 assistant said. "It's going to be an entire state of Texas takeover. He's recruited at such a high level everywhere that he's been, so it's realistic to expect immediate success. You saw what he did at Houston without half the resources he will have at Texas. It's kind of scary to think how well he might do."
Oh my.

Look at all those WVU TV sets


This is what the last conference realignment bought us & ESPN?! Just to think how Louisville and Cinci and Tulane could have added to the fringes of ABC viewers watching this game! Sadly, those of us on the west coast would probably be out of luck on Texas/Kansas even if Boise and BYU were conference members.

nobis60 on the Interadio.


Muskets Up!

Walt Andersons NFL crew doesn't call holding


Explains a lot... I didn't remember that Walt was an NFL ref until I saw that Seahawk in game espn tweet ... i looked up his bio to confirm, and was also surprised to see that he graduated from UT dental school.

Herman vs Strong


Nice objective take on Charlie vs The Second Coming (aka Herman)

...Then you shouldn't have hired Charlie Strong to being with


Texas knew what it was getting with Charlie Strong. Charlie Strong knew what he was getting into with Texas.

Catholics vs. Convicts



Men’s Basketball hosts Texas Tip-Off at Gregory Gym on Thursday, Oct. 20


The Texas Tip-Off is set for Thursday, Oct. 20 at Gregory Gym. Admission is free. However, tickets must be claimed online in advance at