Look at all those WVU TV sets


This is what the last conference realignment bought us & ESPN?! Just to think how Louisville and Cinci and Tulane could have added to the fringes of ABC viewers watching this game! Sadly, those of us on the west coast would probably be out of luck on Texas/Kansas even if Boise and BYU were conference members.

New Helmet Design (conceptual, thankfully)


Um, no. Really, we'll pass on this. You hear me, Patterson? No. Way.

Updated Big 12 projections through 10 weeks


From Footbaw Study Haw. Winning Big 12 record. He's saying there is a chance...

Now is when college football starts to matter for playoffs.


From FiveThirtyEight.

I think Texas is just outside of the top four this year but will keep improving.

Charlie Strong had some NBA visitors


Tristan Thompson & Kevin Durant paid Charlie Strong a visit today