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Texas Longhorns @ BYU Cougars 2013

Greg Robinson's Texas Defense...moving forward?

What was the meaning of Manny Diaz's swan song and how can Greg Robinson re-write it?

Music means it's Saul good.

Mack iPod approved.

Texas D: Extracting the Mental From Fundamentals

It's hard to watch. But you need to watch.

It's always sunny in Austin.

You know you've reached the bottom when your rivals don't even laugh at the charades in Austin anymore, but just feel genuine sympathy. Relatives that failed to call when your daughter was born appear out of nowhere deeply concerned for your sanity.

Is now a good time to talk bonuses? By Mack Brown

Deloss? Knock-knock. Hey there. Sorry to bother you. I was just on my way to tape this week's "Game Plan with Mack Brown," and thought I'd pop in and see if you've given any thought to this year's staff bonuses. Is now a good time to talk?

Featured Fanshot

David Ash has a head injury

Get well, David.

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Thanks, Mack!

Shooting From the Hip - BYU 40, Texas 21

At least we can stop all that pesky scoreboard-watching.

Debacle in Provo

The Horns go down in a downpour of softness.

Weather Delay Texas / BYU Party Guide

A game of indulgence for Texas fans

GameThread: Horns @ BYU

Texas. Fight.

Featured Fanshot Analysis: Texas-BYU Positional Breakdown

Mackspeaking BYU

Hook 'Em.

Sit in the Director's Chair for BYU

You are driving the production truck!

BYU Pregamer: Daje Finishing Move Unlocked!

It’s September, football is back, and it looks like Applewhite found his gameshark.

The Week That Will Be - Week 2

The opportunity is now for David Ash.

Former BYU LB Scouts the Horns

Former BYU LB Brandon Ogletree ('12) offers some good insight on week 1 efforts by the Longhorns and Cougars and how the two teams match up in Provo.

Featured Fanshot

Texas Scouting Report from former BYU LB Brandon Ogletree

Brandon Ogletree, a Texas native and former standout ILB for BYU, posted a scouting report on the Texas defense on his new blog. It's a pretty good assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of our defense, what seemed to work for NM State and why, and how BYU might try to take advantage. The insight on linebacker technique and how that led to some of NM State's successful plays is pretty interesting. His review of the BYU-Virginia game is also worth a read.


Like most of us on Saturday, the Longhorn offense blacked-in right before halftime with a serious case of whiskey dick. But fear not for next week: Provo is dry.