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Texas Longhorns @ Kansas Jayhawks 2012

Jack knows leadership

Jack In The Box loves college football and GIFs that animate. We love Jack's tacos. And his commercials.

Featured Fanshot

Manny Diaz and Bryan Harsin - Coordinators' corner: Oct. 30

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KU is not as bad as OU

The Texas O against the Jayhawks

The Texas offense struggles in Lawrence.

The Texas D against the Jayhawks

Kansas Defensive Recap

Mack's Monday Presser: Kansas is not our friend

Mack will be talking. We will be judging.

Shooting From the Hip - Texas Wins Ugly

Some quick remembrances of a game we'd all like to forget as quickly as possible.

Texas Escapes With a Win in Lawrence

Case McCoy leads Texas on a 4th quarter touchdown drive with 2:33 to go, beating what appeared to be the best team in the country.

Texas-Kansas GameDay.

Open thread.

A Word To The Weis: Breaking Down Texas-Kansas

Breaking down the keys to the game.

The Week That Will Be (10.27.2012)

This column might not have Natalie Portman, but it has the second best thing...Mid-Season Awards.